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Waking up a Sleeping City with JavaScript

About some months ago I wrote an article about our tryst with Nodeschool and setting it up in Kolkata, specifically my alma mater, Institute of Engineering & Management. Please read my Medium article here.


Understanding Labour Market of India

From early January we started tackling an interesting problem, Understanding Labour Market of our country with the help of AMCAT data, for IKDD CODS DataChallenge 2016. For the uninitiated, AMCAT or Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test is a standardized test taken by Indian graduates to get better job opportunities. AMCAT released a subset of their candidate pool dataset for the year 2015, and posed the challenge to model an algorithm to predict Salary obtained by future candidates. The challenge was open till 15th January, 2016 which was the abstract submission date, although surprisingly they kept the leaderboard open till 31st January, which was the final paper submission deadline. Our submission was ranked first on the leaderboard (SK_Data) till 15th Jan, but we slipped one position at the very end of the challenge by a single digit!


Baby steps into Binary Text Classification

One of the more simple problems into machine learning is Text Classification in English language. Lets face it, English is one of the easiest to pickup languages, only 26 character sets, understood by computers and people worldwide. Although, this text classification gets challenging when you have lots of unstructured data at hand.


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