Few little creations of mine

Google Transparency

Full stack Android Application to provide an interface between the Government and common people about the status of a public project (WIP)


Seed funded by Google, Transparency is an initiative of IIT Kanpur to develop a mobile platform which can be used by Government and common people alike to check the progress of public projects, share grievances and provide ground level feedback and comments.

Features :

  • GeoTagging public projects such as Roads, Bridges, Buildings etc
  • Marking roads and bridges by drawing or navigating
  • Vote and comment on public projects
  • Track the status and expected completion of public projects

App & System Technical Features :

  • Full Material Design
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) compatible
  • Express (NodeJS) powered backend
  • MongoDB database

Team Members : Sooraj Ramachandran, Shashank Bhushan & Romit


Text Reader Android App for the Blind

App developed for Goldman Sachs Able Solutions Competition, 2015 along with Prithvi Raj, M.Des, IIT Kanpur targeted for the blind which can read out loud text from signages, images, posters and newspapers.

Features :

  • Read small text snippets from images, signages and posters
  • Uses Tesseract OCR engine using rmtheis tess-two Android port
  • Downloads English recognition data once at the beginning, then works fully offline.
  • Android 5.1 compatible



Android Application to micro-benchmark leading android databases

To test and publish a detailed performance report on various databases and ORM’s supported on the Android Platform such that developers can make an informed choice, developed on Android Lollipop Platform.

Features :

  • Generate performance / throughput test cases for db types
  • Monitor and report the performance statistics for comparision
  • Full Material Design

Target Databases :



Browser based utility library for offline synchronization with Remote MongoDB instances

Being my final year project, I was then heavily into the NoSQL world learning the quirks of MongoDB, and came to realize there were no offline solution to MongoDB instances. While CouchDB, another leading NoSQL provider, had its own offline client solution known as PouchDB, MongoDB had none. So in an attempt to help MongoDB developers to have a client-only offline failsafe, and also to recreate some of the features of PouchDB, I started off with this project with the expert guidance of my mentor Ms. Ee Kian Wong.

Features :

  • Offline Data saved in LocalStorage
  • Easy synchronization to remote MongoDB Instance
  • Built in concurrency handler

Caveats :

  • Lots of legacy code, needs to be brushed up

Find My Bus


Windows Mobile Application to track location of public bus transport system in Kolkata, India

Designed for Windows App Challenge 2014, this app tracks the real time location of public buses in Kolkata. Kind of like Uber, only for buses! Had successful demo, but ultimately was not launched to public due to failure to secure proper GPS permission from the Government (duh!).

Features :

  • Track real time location of public bus
  • Set custom bus stop alerts
  • View bus routes and fares

App Features :

  • Windows Mobile Platform
  • Express (NodeJS) powered backend
  • MongoDB backend database

E Gas Seva

Online Gas Booking and Management System

Internship project developed on C#/ASP.NET, full E-commerce platform for gas companies, enabling easy accessibility of customers and dedicated portal for admins.

Features :

  • Full E-commerce functionalities
  • Easy online gas booking
  • Simple Inventory Management
  • Secured system to curb black marketing